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About Manushi


Manushi is a US and India based social enterprise that works to bring you close to the village artisans of India and their philosophy of sustainable living through centuries-old art forms.

For example, Gond art is an expression of the Gondi tribe, a tribal community from central India. Gondi people are some of the last remaining tribes that survived centuries of invasion and socio-political turmoil in the region. Today, Gondi is a thriving community spread across the villages and jungles of central India. The word Gond has its origin in the Dravidian word for "the green mountain," a synonym for nature.

Since the 19th century, massive migration to cities has left fewer artisans still practicing these beautiful art forms and commercial manufacturing has made it increasingly hard for them to make a living.

Manushi brings you Indian tribal art carefully curated to complement your home, handcrafted just for you. With the help of you, our customers, we are able to pay above-market rates to directly benefit artisans.

Please contact us at hello@manushi.co with any questions.

Benefits Indian artisans
One-of-a-kind handmade goods
Flexible 30-day returns
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